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Sarah Rozee

Sarah Rozee is a Halifax-based dancer. As a young dancer she trained at Halifax Dance and was a member of the Young Company. She went on to study in Montreal and completed her professional contemporary dance training at Les Ateliers de Dance Moderne à Montréal INC. (LADMMI) in the spring of 2003. She is currently a co-founding member of Mocean Dance and through the company has worked with many inspiring choregraphers including Roger Sinha, Allen and Karen Kaeja, Michael Trent, Susie Burpee, Estelle Clareton, Susan Elliot, Sharon Moore, Daniele Desnoyer, Sara Coffin, Dr. Larry Lavender and Rebecca Lazier. Independently she has worked with Lisa Phinney, Jacinte Armstrong, Liliona Quarmyne and Veronique MacKenzie. She has received three Nova Scotia Talent Trust awards which went towards her early training. As a collaborator and performer she draws inspiration from playful creative engagement, theatricality and athletic physicality. Sarah is also an educational program assistant for children with special needs in elementary school. Last, but certainly not least, she is the mother of three wonderful children and thanks them for keeping her young, playful and humble.