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Adult Classes

Halifax Dance welcomes adults of all skill levels to experience dance in a fun, accessible environment. Dancing can be a great way to stay active, make friends and learn something new or continue a passion from the past. If you have any questions about which classes may be suitable for you, please email us at


Fall Term

Sept 9 - Dec 14

Open Barre6:30-7:30Mary Lou$175$15
Basic Barre7:30-8:30Mary Lou$175$15
Combos & Choreo7:30-8:30Gillian$175$15
Modern7:30-8:30 Michele$175$15
Ballet Beginner6:00-7:00Jen$175$15
Ballet Basic6:30-8:00Mary Lou$255$20
Ballet Beginner +7:00-8:00Jen$175$15
Ballet Intermediate7:00-8:30Mariella$255$20
Hip Hop7:30-8:30Sara$175$15
Beginner Jazz6:00-7:00Penelope$175$15
Open Ballet6:15-7:45Mary Lou$255$20
Jazz Funk7:15-8:15Kendra$175$15
Open Barre6:00-7:00Mary Lou$175$15

10 Class Card

Purchase a card of 10 for $130 (plus tax and membership) and use it to attend any 1 hour class or $185 for any 1.5 hour class. Come try a variety of classes or come to the same class every week without the worry of missing a class! 

Class Descriptions

Yoga Flow 

This Vinyasa Flow class will simultaneously stabilize and lengthen your body by integrating breath work with movement.  Building strength from the inside out through primary postures and mindful alignment, you'll increase your flexibility and energy as you synchronize your mind and body. All Levels.

Fire & Flow

Incorporating celebrity yoga instructor Sadie Nardini’s Yoga Shred, this class combines Yoga, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and uplifting music. Not only will you will gain strength and endurance, but you will optimize your cardio health and increase your metabolism. In minimal time, you will maximize your results and head back into your day feeling invigorated and refreshed. 


Ballet originated in the sixteenth and seventeenth century French courts, and was further developed in England, Italy, and Russia as a concert dance form. Ballet develops strength, posture, flexibility, coordination and focus. It is the core of many dance forms. This class includes live piano accompaniment in many classes.


This innovative dance language draws from many other dance forms and explores the full range of body movement to create a highly expressive and boldly physical style. Includes live percussion accompaniment.

Combos & Choreography

This class will feature the same upbeat songs that make you sing in your car and dance in your kitchen. Suitable for dancers of any level, Combos and Choreo will be a mash-up of several different dance styles with playful and dynamic choreography to some of the hottest hits. You will sweat and smile at the same time. 


Historically, Jazz is rooted in the traditions of African dance and music. Jazz dance can be cool, funky and smooth. It stresses rhythm and coordination. The classes are energetic, up tempo and an excellent body conditioner.


Our students will learn traditional tap dances along with other classic steps. Tap develops rhythm with coordination and improvisational skills.

Hip Hop

Street jammin’ moves made popular in music videos. Hip hop is fun to learn and a great workout. Students will learn exciting routines, get fit and have fun.



This level is designed for students without previous dance experience. Beginner classes cover important introductory work.



This level is designed for students above a beginner level who are interested in a varied pace of movement vocabulary.


These levels are designed for students that have a solid working knowledge of the discipline. In this level, increasingly complicated combinations are explored. At this point, many students take several classes a week. If you are new to Halifax Dance and want to register for one of these levels, please contact the administration for further information.