Teen Classes

At 13 years of age, students enter the Teen Program at Halifax Dance. This program encourages teens to pursue their dance studies through Junior High and High School to hone their craft and stay physically active. The Teen Program fosters self esteem, a healthy competitive spirit and an outlet to allow our youth dancers to express themselves artistically.

Prices include photo and all production fees for the Annual Showcase.

Teens interested in more intensive dance training should check out our ITP Program.

Course AgeDayTimeIns.Full YearTerm 1Term 2
Teen Ballet13+Thursday4:30-5:45MLM $525 $240 $350
Ballet From Scratch8-15Friday4:30-5:45MLM4 weeks$80 
Teen Jazz13+Wednesday5:00-6:00EW $525 $240 $350
Teen Hip Hop 13+Saturday2:30-3:30OM $525 $240 $350
Teen Modern13+Wednesday6:15-7:15JR $525 $240 $350
Inclusive Movement Teen9-20Friday5:30-6:30JB $350 $150 $200