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Payment or payment plan terms are required upon registration.

Payment can be made:

  • By phone – with a Visa or Mastercard

  • In person– with cash, debit, cheque, Visa or Mastercard

  • E-transfer- to be sent to

Payment plans are available for full-year enrolment only.

  • 2 payments- $25 processing fee

    • 1st payment, includes membership and processing fee- upon registration

    • 2nd payment- February 1

  • 4 payments- $50 processing fee

    • 1st payment, includes membership and processing fee- upon registration

    • 2nd payment- November 1

    • 3rd payment- February 1

    • 4th payment- April 1

A credit card number or post-dated cheque must be kept on file for the payment plan. A charge of $40 will be applied for returned cheques.

HST is charged on recreation classes for students ages 15 years and older.


Halifax Dance is a registered charity, membership based organization. As such, all students pay an annual $25 non-refundable Membership fee that entitles you to vote at the Annual General Meeting. Families with 3 or more members will pay a maximum of $60 for family membership.

Costume Fee

Halifax Dance has a beautiful wardrobe full of costumes that are used annually at our annual June Showcase. Costumes need to be maintained, resized, washed and new costumes need to be constructed. We charge a $20 fee per dancer for this service. 

Cancellations, CHanges & Refunds

Halifax Dance reserves the right to cancel classes with insufficient registration. In this event, fees for cancelled classes will be refunded.

Halifax Dance reserves the right to change and substitute teachers as necessary.

Withdrawal notice must be given to the front desk staff (not instructor) before the 4th class scheduled after your date of registration.  Exceptions will be made for valid medical reasons.

  • The cost of all classes held prior to the withdrawal notification, whether attended or not, will be deducted.

  • A $35 administration fee will be deducted.

  • Absence (non-attendance) from class is not considered notification of withdrawal.

  • Dance Card fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Financial Assistance

Halifax Dance is able to provide financial assistance to some families requiring tuition support. Application forms for bursaries are available at the front desk. The deadline for applications is July 31 each year.

Weather Closures

Halifax Dance reserves the right to close the school when inclement weather creates road conditions that are deemed to be unsuitable for safe travel. Halifax Dance monitors the closure of other public institutions and weather warnings to determine when closure should be made. We make every attempt to make a school closure decision by 2:30 PM for afternoon and evening classes. Notification is placed immediately on our website, Facebook, Twitter and on our phone voice message.

Make up classes

Students are entitled to take a make-up class for any class they miss. Make-up classes must be completed within the term and are not transferable to another term. We recommend classes at or below the student’s level, in the same or another discipline. Before taking a make-up class, students must obtain an admission slip from the front desk.

Lost & FOund

Halifax Dance is not responsible for lost or stolen items. As a courtesy, we keep a lost and found box in the lobby, or hold items at the front desk. We invite students to bring valuables in the studio during class. At the end of each term, unclaimed items are donated to charity.


Regular attendance is recommended and is essential to the progress of the student and class. Absence notification  for child, teen and ITP classes should be made by a phone call to the office prior to the beginning of the class.  

Injuries & HEalth concerns

Our instructors strive to avoid injuries by demonstrating proper alignment and injury prevention.  In the event that an accident or injury occurs, Halifax Dance instructors and Administrative Staff have been trained in emergency first aid response.  Ice packs and first aid kits are available at the front desk.  Please make sure the faculty is aware of any health concerns, injuries, chronic illnesses and allergies.