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June Show 2019

June 8, Rebecca Cohn Auditorium

Full schedules


Dress rehearsal schedule

Show Schedule


On sale now! (First come, first served basis)

Where: Rebecca Cohn Box Office, by phone (494-3820) or online

  • $25 Regular

  • $20 Seniors

  • $15 Students/Children

  • $3.00 Courtesy Ticket for dancers in Creative and Inclusive Movement as well as families with children split between both shows.* see below

  • All dancers (with the exception of Creative Movement) are provided with seats in the balcony during their performance and do not need a ticket.

Courtesy Tickets

Creative and Inclusive Movement Parents: Your child’s name will be on a list at the Cohn Box Office. Parents must have a $3.00 courtesy tickets so their child may watch the show with them in the main auditorium after they perform.

Families with children in both shows: Your child’s name will be on a list that has been given to the Cohn Box Office. These families may purchase two $3.00 courtesy tickets available at the Box Office.


Costumes will only be sent home with students in the Creative Movement classes.

Dancers should arrive at both Dress Rehearsal/Photo Shoot and the performances ready to put on costumes with proper underpinnings, hair and light make-up done. Please give our costumes the respect and care of your own clothing– staff and volunteers have put hundreds of hours into our wardrobe and we would very much appreciate your help to keep them clean and well maintained.

Please have your child’s full name written on all dancewear. Items tend to disappear very easily come show time.

Please Note: There is a $50 charge for lost costumes.

Dress Rehearsal - Friday Evening & Saturday Morning


Please proceed through the main doors into the Cohn Auditorium (Friday) or the side auditorium doors (Saturday morning) at the listed time(pg3) to seat in assigned seats. Note: the rehearsal is not in show order. Dancers should be ready to put on costumes with hair and light make-up already done. Classes will be seated in their assigned seats with a volunteer supervisor. Children must have all of their belongings in a bag and with them at all times after being dropped off.

Rehearsal Procedure

Class supervisors will remain with the students at all times. At the appropriate time, a designated staff member will lead the students to Studio 2 where they will find and put on their costumes. When ready, a designated volunteer will lead the classes to the Sculpture Court to have photos taken. After photos, a volunteer will lead the classes backstage to their dressing rooms before rehearsing. After rehearsing on stage, the students will leave their costumes in the dressing rooms and proceed to their auditorium seats for pick-up or to wait for their next dance. When in the auditorium, it is important that the students remain in their assigned seats with their class supervisor to maintain organization.

In more Than one dance?

After rehearsing their first dance, dancers will change out of their first costume backstage and meet their next class in their assigned Cohn seats.

Performances 2pm & 7pm


Dancers must arrive in proper underpinnings, full make-up, and hair, no jewelry, ready to go on stage 30 minutes before the show start time. Please bring a bag to keep track of your own belongings during the performances. Carry all of your belongings with you at all times. Creative Movement Parents: please place costume pieces in boxes located on each side of the stage during the intermission.

Pick up

A parent or caregiver must pick up their dancer(s) from either the balcony, Studio 2 or the stage doors at the end of the performance. Volunteer class supervisors will not allow younger dancers to leave until a family member arrives for them. Please make sure the class supervisor knows if you plan to leave before the end. Pre-Ballet Parents: please check in on your children in the balcony seating during the intermission.

Stage Makeup

Your child must have make-up on when they arrive for the performance on June 9th. Stage lights wash out facial colour and features are lost. It should not look garish but it should be more intense than everyday make-up.

  • Eyes: Brown eye shadow, eye liner and mascara.

  • Blush: Applied on the highest point of cheek bone and curved back toward temple.

  • Lipstick: Shades of red.

  • Hair: Must be arranged neatly (unless specified otherwise) and kept well in place. Spray and/or gel, bobby pins, elastics etc. are essential in achieving this. If your child must wear hair in a bun, please purchase hair nets.


All orders for Time Flies clothing, and show DVD’s must be placed by June 10th. Orders may be picked up from the front desk at Halifax Dance throughout the summer. ORDER FORM