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The Intensive Training Program

The Intensive Training Program (ITP) is designed for serious young dancers ages 8 and up who are interested in a concentrated and focused study of dance. The program offers outstanding training and performance opportunities for talented young dancers. We nurture well-rounded dancers who can progress pre-professionally and professionally as artists. Students will take away time-management, self confidence and interpersonal relationship skills that positively contribute to any chosen career path.

Based on a multidisciplinary approach to dance education with ballet training at its core, ITP is a well-rounded multi-year program that includes training in ballet, jazz, modern and creative movement. Students have the opportunity to attend workshops with visiting artists and Companies in Residence. Performance opportunities are also an integral part of the process and are offered in innovative ways at each level of the program. 

Admission to ITP is by audition only. The general audition call is held annually every spring, this year scheduled for April 6th, 2019. Students who have missed the audition should contact Kate Houston to arrange individual assessment. (Message below)

SUmmer programs

It is recommended that all registered and prospective ITP students participate in our Summer Intensive held each August. Any student registered in an intensive training program is welcome to attend.

Extended Training

Dates: June 10-28

Open to all dancers ages 8+

  • Junior $85

    • Monday- Ballet 4:30-5:30 & Jazz 5:30-6:30

  • Advanced $200

    • Monday- Contemporary 4:30-5:30 & Ballet 5:30-7:00

    • Thursday- Ballet 4:30-6:00 & Workshop 6:00-7:00

Advanced Intensive Weekend

Dates: August 17 & 18 • 9:00-4:00

Open to all dancers ages 14+


Junior Summer Intensive

Dates: August 26-29 •  9:00-4:00

Open to all dancers ages 8-14


If you have questions about the Intensive Training Program or would like to register for or arrange an audition, please contact our program director, Kate Houston below. 

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Our introductory ITP level for ages 8+ who attend 2 Ballet classes and 1 Jazz class per week.  



In ITP 2 the addition of Creative classes as well as longer Ballet classes make a total of 5 hours per week. These students receive a unique performance opportunity during the holidays each year.



In ITP 3, students can register for The Youth Dance Ensemble (TYDE) to receive extra performance opportunities. These students attend 2 Ballet, 1 Jazz and 1 Creative class each week. 



In ITP 4 students attend 2 Ballet, 1 Modern and 1 Jazz class each week. Many of these students are also members of TYDE. 



Classes continue to get longer in ITP 5 where students attend 2 Ballet, 1 Modern and 1 Jazz each week. Female students will begin pre-pointe at this level and all students have the opportunity to join TYDE for more performance opportunities.  


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Students attend 2 Ballet, 1 Modern and 1 Jazz class each week at this level and can audition for the Young Company. 

ITP Elementary, Intermediate & Advanced


In the upper levels of the Intensive Training Program students attend 2 Ballet, 1 Modern, 1 Jazz and may take an elective 3rd ballet class if they are completing ballet exams. Many students in these levels audition for the Young Company.