Youth Classes

Halifax Dance’s well balanced, carefully structured children’s dance program offers our students outstanding training in a caring and nurturing environment. Our inspiring professional teachers ensure that each student’s artistry, musicality, creativity and natural abilities are developed while instilling strong technique and a joy for dance.

The Children’s Recreational Program offers classes in a variety of disciplines for girls and boys between the ages of 2 and 12 years old (must be of age by September 30th).

Children’s classes perform in the Annual Showcase in June. All costume, photo and production fees are included in the registration fee.


Classes for 2018/2019 run weekly from September 10- June 8. Some classes can be registered for by term (Sept-Dec & Jan-June.)

Dress Code

Visit our Dress Code page to learn more about the proper attire for dance class!



Creative Movement

Children’s creativity and imagination will flourish in this class. Creative Movement enhances social interaction and individual development skills. This class uses singing, games, floor patterns, and basic dance steps to develop motor skills and spatial awareness. Includes live percussion.

Course AgeDayTimeIns.Full YearTerm 1Term 2
Parent & Tot A2Saturday9:00-9:30VM $350 $155 $235
Parent & Tot B2Saturday10:20-10:50VM $350 $155 $235
Creative 1A3Saturday9:40-10:10VM FULL
Creative 1B3Saturday11:00-11:30  $350 $155 $235
Creative 1/23/4Saturday9:00-9:30KH $350 $155 $235
Creative 24Saturday9:30-10:00KH $350 $155 $235
Friday Movers2-4Friday10:00-10:30OM $350 $155 $235


Ballet originated in the sixteenth and seventeenth century French courts, and was further developed in England, Italy, and Russia as a concert dance form. Ballet develops strength, posture, flexibility, coordination and focus. It is the core of many dance forms. 

Course AgeDayTimeIns.Full YearTerm 1Term 2
Pre-Ballet A4Saturday10:00-10:45KH FULL  
Pre-Ballet B4Saturday10:45-11:30KH FULL  
Ballet 1A5Saturday9:00-9:45MLM $525  
Ballet 1B5Saturday9:45-10:30EW FULL  
Ballet 2A6Saturday9:00-9:45EW $525  
Ballet 2B6Saturday9:45-10:30MLM $525  
Ballet 3A7Saturday10:30-11:30MLM FULL  
Ballet 3B7Saturday11:30-12:30KH $525  
Ballet 4/58/9Saturday12:30-1:30KH $525  
Pre-Teen Ballet9-12Saturday1:30-2:30KH $525  
Teen Ballet13+Thursday4:30-5:45MLM $525 $240 $350
Ballet From Scratch8-15Friday4:30-5:45MLM4 weeks$80 


Historically, Jazz is rooted in the traditions of African dance and music. Jazz dance can be cool, funky and smooth. It stresses rhythm and coordination. The classes are energetic, up tempo and an excellent body conditioner.

Course AgeDayTimeIns.Term 1Term 2
Jazz 1/25/6Saturday10:30-11:15SM $525  
Jazz 37Saturday10:30-11:30EW $525  
Jazz 48Saturday11:30-12:30EW $525  
Pre-Teen Jazz9-12Saturday2:30-3:30CR $525  
Teen Jazz13+Wednesday5:00-6:00MK $525 $240 $350


Our students will learn traditional tap dances along with other classic steps. Tap develops rhythm with coordination and improvisational skills.

Course AgeDayTimeIns.
Tap 1/25/6Saturday9:00-9:45SM $525
Tap 3/47/8Saturday9:45-10:30SM $525
Pre-Teen Tap9-12Saturday11:30-12:30SM $525


Modern is an innovative dance language that draws from many other dance forms and explores the full range of body movement to create a highly expressive and boldly physical style. 

ClassAgeDayTimeInst.Full YearTerm 1Term 2
Physical Theatre6-10Saturday3:00-4:00SLH $525 $240 $350
Pre-Teen Modern9-12Wednesday7:00-8:00MK $525 $240 $350
Teen Modern13+Wednesday6:15-7:15VM $525 $240 $350
Hip Hop 1.jpg

Hip Hop

Students will learn exciting routines that incorporate moves made popular in music videos. 

ClassAgeDayTimeInst.Full YearTerm 1Term 2
Hip Hop 1/25/6Saturday11:15-12:00OM $525 $240 $350
Hip Hop 3/47/8Saturday12:00-1:00OM $525 $240 $350
Pre-Teen Hip Hop9-12Saturday1:30-2:30OM $525 $240 $350
Teen Hip Hop 13+Saturday2:30-3:30OM $525 $240 $350
stock photos 2008 004.jpg


Breaking is a street style that evolved as a part of the hip hop movement during the early 1970s. 

ClassAgeDayTimeInst.Full YearTerm 1Term 2
Breakdance Foundations6+Saturday1:00-2:00NN $525 $240 $350
Breakdance Intermediate8+Saturday2:00-3:00NN $525 $240 $350
Breakdance Advanced10+Saturday3:00-4:00NN $525 $240 $350

Inclusive Movement

These dance classes for children with special needs are meant to be a safe and fun way for aspiring dancers to show their talents.

ClassAgeDayTimeInst.Full YearTerm 1Term 2
Inclusive Movement A4-8Saturday12:30-1:15JB $275 $120 $160
Inclusive Movement B4-8Saturday1:15-2:00JB $275 $120 $160
Inclusive Movement C4-8Friday4:30-5:15JB $275 $120 $160
Inc Mov Teen9-20Friday5:30-6:30JB $350 $150 $200